Bi Fomo


Total Value Locked: ~$30,367.228

A high risk/reward fund which includes micro and low cap tokens with ample room for growth. Suitable for those who seek to maximize returns.

Bi Defi Fund

DeFi Fund biDEFI

Total Value Locked: ~$45,474.134

An index of the most successful large-cap blue chip tokens in the DeFi space.

biMex Fund

BitMEX Fund biMEX

Total Value Locked: ~$70,508.746

An index which mimics the BitMEX exchange. Includes large-cap tokens from different sectors.

Game Fund biGame

Game Fund biGAME

Total Value Locked: ~$31,643.639

Features a selection of top trending play-to-earn games present on the Binance Smart Chain.

Chain Fund biChain

Chain Fund biCHAIN

Total Value Locked: ~$182,822.295

A very flexible fund which includes large-cap native coins from various blockchains. Very useful to use as a hedge.

Ape Fund biApe

Ape Fund biAPE

Total Value Locked: ~$17,714.643

An index of tokens from the ApeSwap ecosystem. It includes micro and low-cap tokens.

BSC Top 10 Fund

BSC Top 10 Fund biT10

Total Value Locked: ~$36,138.175

An index of medium/large-cap BSC native tokens which tend to follow BNB's performance.